March 28, 2023 2:23 pm

Aptitude Test 2020/2021 – Uva Wellassa University

Instructions for Candidates

UWU Technical Awareness Session (UWU TAS)


This is an online session to TRAIN YOU to the technical environment of the UWU Aptitude Test before you are attending the Real Aptitude Assessment. The UWU TAS will be conducted in English and if you do not understand any instruction properly, you can contact your supervisor in Sinhala or Tamil. Please carefully read, understand and follow all the guidelines given below in order to join the UWU TAS.


Types of devices that are necessary to join UWU TAS

  • A Smart Mobile Phone or a Tablet with a working Front Camera (if available, use a headset with a microphone)
  • A Laptop or a PC with a working Webcamera and a Headset with a microphone


Date and Time of the UWU TAS

  • Check your SMS and/or email to identify the time schedule.
  • You can also check the to get additional information about the UWU TAS.

How to join UWU TAS?

  • Install the latest Zoom application on your device.
  • Open the Zoom application and click ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter ‘Meeting ID’
  • You must enter your Reference Number into the ‘Your Name’ field
  • Enter the ‘Passcode’
  • After log in to the zoom session, supervisors will inform all the information about the Real Aptitude Test environment and you will be given a small Practice Test to get familiar with the environment.



  • Meeting ID and the Passcode have already forwarded to your SMS and email.
  • You can find the Reference Number in your online registration application. You also can find your Reference Number after log in to the following Website with your NIC and Index Number.


Technical Requirements from your side

  • Stable internet connectivity with at-least 1GB data bundle
  • Uninterrupted power


Other Requirements

  • Good lighting condition is required
  • We will monitor you through your camera and microphone during the session. Thus, switch on your camera and microphone during the session when the supervisor requested to do so
  • Stay in a noise free environment
  • Do not leave the session until supervisor instructed to do so
  • There should not be any other persons nearby


Contact details for any inquires / questions about the UWU TAS

  • Help Desk    : Please fill the following Google form for any issues or queries
  • Telephone numbers    : 055-3561752 (Refer the website)
  • Email    :


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