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Aptitude Test  Academic Year – 2020/2021 – UWU

Uva Wellassa University

Aptitude Test 

Academic Year – 2020/2021


The Aptitude Test for the following degree programs of Uva Wellassa University will be conducted on the following dates via online. 


Degree Program


Computer Science and Technology


Industrial Information Technology


Entrepreneurship and Management


Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management


The Aptitude Test will be conducted in English only. 

Please read carefully and understand the following guidelines before you start the Aptitude Test 2020/2021 of the University.

Admission card and other Instructions for the Test:

Candidates can download the Admission card and the Instructions of the Aptitude Test using the following link:

Examination Information

  • This is an online examination conducted using the Zoom platform.
  • You will receive a unique Meeting ID and Passcode to join Zoom sessions. Do not share it with anyone . You will be disqualified from the examination if you share this information with any third party.
  • Each subject will consist of Two sections ( Section I & Section II).
  • Examination process will be conducted during 2 hours.

First 45 mins

Candidates Verification (Candidates should display his/her NIC/Passport/Driving License to the camera when the supervisor instructed to do so)

Second 45 mins


First 15 mins

Section I

Second 15 mins

Transitional time (to download the answers)

Last15 mins

Section II

Last 30 mins

Post verifications and finishing the session

  • Candidates must attend all questions in each section. 
  • After attending all questions in each Section, a ‘Submit’ button will be appearing in the bottom of the page. Make sure to click on the Submit button once you answered all questions.


Technical requirements

  • Candidates can use a smart Mobile Phone or a tablet with a working Front Camera or a Laptop or a PC with a working Webcamera and a Headset with a microphone
  • Candidates should install the latest Zoom application on his/her device.
  • Candidates must switch on his/her cameras during the examination when the supervisor requested to do so. You will be disqualified from the examination if you are unable to switch on your camera during the assessment.
  • Candidates are requested to maintain a stable internet connectivity with at-least 3GB data bundle and uninterrupted power supply during the online examination.


Other requirements 

  • Candidates are requested to be in a place where good lighting condition is available.
  • Candidates are not allowed to use the Virtual backgrounds during the online examination.
  • Supervisor will monitor you through your camera and microphone during the Aptitude Assessment. 
  • Candidates are requested to be in a noise free environment.
  • Do not leave the zoom session until supervisor instructed to do so.
  • No any external persons are allowed to be nearby the candidate during whole period of examination.


How to join UWU Aptitude Test 2021

  1. Open the Zoom application and click ‘Join a Meeting’.
  2. Enter ‘Meeting ID’ provided in the Admission Card.
  3. You must enter your Reference Number into the ‘Your Name’ field and then, enter the ‘Passcode’ (Meeting ID, Passcode, Time Schedule and your Reference Number can be found in your Admission card and will be forwarded to your mobile phone via SMS).

After log into the zoom session, supervisors will inform all the information about the examination.  

Fraud and (Intellectual) Property of Examination Materials

  • Committing Cheating and Fraud, offering others the opportunity to commit Fraud or stimulating Fraud is strictly prohibited.
  • The supervisor/invigilator will monitor the candidates for ensuring that the exam rules are strictly followed. 
  • The Candidate is required to treat the Examination Materials as strictly confidential. Without the prior written consent of the University, the Candidate is not allowed to take with him or her (parts of) the Examination Materials, or to copy, photograph, screen capture or in any way reproduce these, inform third parties of the contents of Examination Materials, or provide these to third parties in any way.
  • University Consider the followings as violation of Examination Rules in Online Mode: 
  • Any recording of the exam screens, including taking screenshots, pictures, or video, 
  • Copying the exam questions or answers, 
  • Leaving mobile devices/smart phones, other web browsers, software applications, or other computers on during the exam, 
  • Bringing in resource materials such as calculator,
  • Allowing other individuals (other than candidate and supervisor/invigilator) to come in and out of the zoom session during the exam. 
  • All rights, including the copyrights and other intellectual property rights that can be exercised with regard to the Examination materials, vest and remain to vest Rules and Regulations for Examinations of Uva Wellassa University.
  • The Candidate may only use the Examination Materials where necessary for taking the online Examination.


Contact details for any inquires / questions about the Aptitude Test 2020/2021-UWU

  • Telephone numbers: 
  • Email: 


Uva Wellassa University
29th July 2021


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